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Assignment for the Berkeley Barb

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A missing nuclear device leads an underpaid underground newspaper reporter to San Francisco, Daly City, and then Bodega Bay.

The Canyon

(Western, set in the Arizona Territory in 1834). Reuben distrusted people, but he had to get involved when he found two women held as slaves at the bottom of the canyon.



Did Bush and Cheney plan 9/11? The middle-aged protagonist of Conspiracy, a 60,000 word novel set in present-day Washington D.C., felt he’d as much chance of uncovering a story that had eluded the major media as bedding the young braless female reporter the MidWest Sentinel sent to D.C. with him. 



The Wyoming Trilogy

I The Gunfighter

(Western, set in 1873). Wyoming needed settlers who could work with their hands, not some greenhorn accountant fleeing prosecution for embezzlement.

II The Journal of Robin Leigh

(Novel, set in 1868 and 1888). Prequel to the Gunfighter. Settlers travel by boat and train to carve a living from the wilderness. Dedicated to my mother from whose writings much of this book is taken.

III The Election

 (Novel, set in 1888-1892).  The election of 1892 sees the two protagonists of The Gunfighter competing for office.


A Cerebro-Vascular Incident

He began by forgetting numbers, then, it was names. When he forgot whether he was married and whom he was married to, Susan was happy to mislead him.

College for Spies

They fired Wood when he forgot the College was just a front for secret weapons research. Then a KGB agent turned up as Wood's house guest. Sex, violence, and the two-step.


Due Back in Two Weeks

She came from Iowa; she looked innocent; and the robbers had taken the trouble to steal the book from her at gunpoint. Did you know it's an easy walk from RAND to the Santa Monica Public Library if you have microfilm to hide?

I Love You Maggie

"I am a camera" set in New Orleans, 1961. The authorities want to integrate the schools; are we going to let them?  Looking for a Room and Rain in New Orleans are extracted from this novel.

In Search of Aimai Cristen

A nineteen-year old girl's search for identity in the '90's. Her father's search for identity in SF in the late '60's.  The Apartment in the Valley is extracted from this novel, see also Riverbabble #6.



Paul Anders


The explosion that strands Paul Anders in a world of silhouette and shadow can't keep him from solving crimes. His driver, 24-year old six-foot Marcie Foss, may need to clean up the loose ends, but Paul won't admit it. A series of hard-boiled detectives set in Orange County.


Blind Man and the Bimbo

The blind man, country-western dancing, drug deals, and a woman whose breath smells like peaches. 


Blind Man's Buff

Why on earth would somebody want to destroy a nudist colony? And why send Paul to investigate?







A Congressman, an assassin, Marcie in love, and two ex-girl friends; just who can Paul trust anyway?

Blind as a Bat Ray

A locked room in a house full of puzzles. Failure can mean death in a watery cave.

None so Blind

Anatomy department refrigeration tanks are always full of body parts. Paul just didn't expect to find the corpse of one of his students midway down.


newbang.gifMy War

Four books tell the story of a bilingual Canadian pilot in the Second World War.  Click here to read the opening chapters of Book I: The Pilot.



Pinkie: Stories of a Homeless Man

Pinkie goes to a dance, gets a job, escapes fire, flood, and human predators. Fourteen stories most first published in Echoes, including " Shave and a Haircut, (Echos, Summer, 1994) Night Work, (Echos, Fall, 1994), "The Merman" Scream (VII, March 1994), “Pussywillows” the-phone-book.com, Binnacle: First Annual Ultra Short Stories, 2004  "The Beach is My Home" Fiction Forum (July 1994), "The Beach is My Home" Beaches (1998). "The Beach is My Home" Dragon Fly Review (Summer 2000), Dansing, E2K (February 2003) and http://home.flash.net/~unlikely/pgood.html.

RLTower: The Growth Years

A standard corporate biography gets out of control as its author loses himself in personal reminiscence.


He was getting older, the competition younger, and she seemed to be the woman with whom he wanted to settle down. Welcome to Armstrong TX.

Sad and Angry Man

A love story set in contemporary small-town Georgia; a candid look at black and white relationships. Selected for publication by Publish America. Buy the CD here now and save.

San Onofre

An explosion at the San Onofre Nuclear power plant would kill over a million people; but no one could ever penetrate the six layers of plant security, could they?

Side Out for Murder

Nothing better than a sunny day at the beach--at least once you find a place to park. Women's championship volleyball and murder.

Visit to a Small Town

A hitchhiker in a small town in Maine learns never, never to get into the Police Chief's car.


Short Stories

Bloody Marys  (April, 2003)

Shootout at the Silver Bullet  (April, 2003)

Hider, Skyline, (Jan/Feb 2003)

Daniel Montoya, Biffsboards (Dec 2002)

Lone Cheerleader. Bathtub Gin (April, 2000)

Noon Run  (March, 2003)

Two girls, one night in Hawaii. Interzone (Aug 1994)

Silkie  (March, 2003)(April 2004)

To Fit the Crime Blue Murder (2001)

Wrong Kind of Music Moxie (2000)

Those darn blue plastic garbage bags, City Planet (1992), BeFriending Creation (Jan, 1993), Cyclops (Feb, 2000)

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