Statistical Consultants for Clinical Trials, Legal Affairs, and Marketing.

Fees are pro-rated. Fifteen-minute telephone consult is free. Many problems solved in as little as an hour.

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INFORMATION RESEARCH ASSOCIATES has over twenty years experience providing statistical consulting and programming services to attorneys, medical device and pharmaceutical firms.

Our principal associate, Dr. Phillip Good, is the author of Managers' Guide to Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials, Wiley, 2nd ed, 2006 and Applying Statistics in the Courtroom, Chapman-Hall, London, 2001

Our specialties include audits, data collection, data management, electronic tracking and submission, model building and validation, analysis of data with missing or censored observations, project management, statistical software, training, product testing, and graphic reports. Our programmers and project managers are experts in C++, R, SAS, SQL, SPlus, SPSS, StatXact, LabView, HTML, WinRunner, Fortran, and Ramis.

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Contact us at to see how we can help you and your firm.

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