Phillip Good, Person

Born Montreal, Quebec. Citizen U.S., Canada, Quebec. one brother;
married, five children, one grandchild, three parrots; 5'10, 167 pounds, dark brown eyes, sort of a combination of Little Joe and the Professor in Back to the Future


two-step, cha-cha, west-coast swing, jitterbug, rumba, waltz, contra: look for us at Cowboy Country, Alpine Village, or the Costa Mesa Senior Center.


I seldom go to movies except to drive-ins, But
I did like Shane, Cosi, The Party, Jumping Jack Flash and Party Time

Favorite actresses:

    Looks and Acting: Tony Colette, Dominique LeBlanc 

    Looks:  Shirley Jones, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Napier

    Acting: Tyne Daily, Francis McDermond, Meryl Streep

Music Lover

         Contemporary orchestral: look for me at the Green Umbrella

         Rock, jazz, even country western if I'm depressed

Buffalo Springfield, Stones, Airplane are my favorites

Please try to fix me up with Joni Mitchell

         I play the tenor sax


My ten favorites are

1.      Sweeny Todd

2.      Show Boat

3.      Cats

4.      Oklahoma

5.      Carousel

6.      Bloomer Girl

7.      Brigadoon

8.      Desert Song

9.      Kismet

10.  Hair

Home Gardener--lettuce was superb this year; I added gypsum and the tomatoes and peppers are doing better.

Wizardry fanatic


My ten favorite novels are

1.      Last Angry Man

2.      A Beetle's Leg

3.      City

4.      Odyssey: A modern sequel

5.      John Brown's Body

6.      JR

7.      Human Comedy

8.      V

9.      Catch 22

10.  Sound and the Fury

11.  Instance of the Fingerpost

Psst: want to kill your enemies? give them Catch 22, Schmuck (by Seymor Blicker) or Alamo House (Women without men; Men without brains) to read. They may just keel over, still laughing, unable to catch their breath. Also among my favorite humorous novels are
Rubarb, The Deal, Connecticut Yankee in King Author's Court, Devil of a State, Black Mischief, Decline and Fall, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town


Society of Friends

The Quaker Postulate: That of God is in every person

Click here to learn of the implications

Make of this Earth a Peaceable Kingdom:

In the end, the love thee take is equal to the love thee make

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            awkward, clumsy, long-board only

body surf almost daily in the summer


USSF,CIF  Click here for more information about soccer referees

Cofounder Portage (the original MI) AYSO

NHFS Field Hockey

NHFS Boy's Lacrosse

US Women's Lacrosse

    Sports Writer



            Costa Rica

Our Alaska cruise (with Carnival)

Venice to Barcelona Cruise (with Princess)

Western Mediterranean Cruise (with Costa)

Our Western European lecture tour

            Dorothy Goes to Oz

            From Montreal to Halifax by River (with Holland-America)

            Phil and Dorothy go to Fiji/New Zealand/and Oz

            Antarctic Diary (with Voyages of Discovery)

            Train through the Balkans

            Floating Down the Danube (with Viking)

            French Polynesia (with Princess)

           Tanzania Safari

           Alaska-Yukon Tour (with Holland-America)

            Our West Coast Car Trip

           Floating Down the Mekong (with AMA Waterways)

           Thailand (tour with Affordable Asia)

           By Tour Bus, Train, and Ferry across Western Canada

          Panama Canal Transit (with Windstar)


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A word from Dorothy

And a word from Phil . . .