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Part II TECHNICAL REPORTS (Partial list)

7293/78/7293/008 A key to Actinomycetes

7293/78/7293/003 New applications for randomization tests

7293/78/7293/001 Sampling from diffusion processes

293/77/7293/006 Comparison of two-sample statistical tests with ordered responses (with P Kemp and G Schooley)

7293/77/7293/007 Analysis of RxC contingency tables (with G Elfring)

9121/77/7215/015 Results of protocol SPSM437B (with T Gilbertson)

7200/77/7222/046 Experiments with arachidonic acid (with DP Wallach)

7263/77/7263/003 Evaluation of ethyl methane sulfonate and strepto|zocin using chromosome analysis (with RJ Trzos, DW Frank)

7205/76/7293/001 In vitro cytoprotection for indomethacin induced damage (with F Maida)

7293/76/7293/002 Gastric anti-secretory studies (A Robert)

7293/76/7244/002 Model of the E-Rosette forming system (with MS Lajiness, P Satoh and WE Flemming)

7263/76/7263/001 The micronucleus test (with RJ Trzos and DW Frank)

7200/75/7293/001 Sample size determination for clinical trials of gastric anti-secretory activity

7293/75/7293/006 Cyphersim (with TP Tesar)

7292/74/7292/007 Sample size and power determination for an in vitro cytotoxity assay

IR Report 23(71) Higher-order automata for evolutionary programming

IR Report 19(70) Second-order growth of aid for dependent children

R Report 15(70) Simulation of a drone missile

IR Report 4(69) Search optimization in anti-submarine warfare